January 17, 2018

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There's A Good Move and There's A Better Move

February 8, 2018

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Fighting For Your Peace

January 17, 2018

Fight for your Peace. One thing that is for sure, your car will break down once you have paid for it. At least that has been my experience. I am 58 years old and I have had seven different vehicles. Out of the seven I have only had two that were problem free. The other five have been nightmares. Not having a vehicle that runs well will disturb your peace of mind at least it disturbs mine. Because my experiences have been so bad it has shook my confidence in buying cars. I thought I had a good formula, and when I used it I had a problem free car. However I have to admit I deviated from that formula when I bought my last three nightmares. I am now in the market again, and I am scared. However I am going to pick myself up and dust myself off and fight for my peace. I will go back to my formula. I will not buy a car based on emotions. I will do my research on the best cars. I will take my time and shop. Eight is the number for new beginnings. This will be number eight.

Ask yourself what am I afraid of? What is disturbing my peace? Is it something that I had a bad experience with? It could be a bad marriage, getting fired from a job, a dream deferred, an accident. Whatever it is if you are really honest with yourself, you played some part in it. I take ownership for my bad decisions. I was distracted. I listen to advice that I should not have at times. I am more in tune with myself now. I know my strengths and weakness. We have to do continuous thorough self-analysis. It is good to get advice from others but ultimately we have to learn how to make good decisions. We have to be still and listen there is a small voice inside that will lead and guide. We don’t hear it at times because we have outside stimulus that may be overwhelming us.

Don’t beat yourself up believe me I understand, it is hard not to. However Buckminster Fuller a 20th century American architect, systems theorist, author, designer, and inventor, theorized that there is no real learning until you have failure. Therefore when you fail, study to figure out where you went wrong. I can tell you what I did wrong in every one of my bad car decisions. As I grow older and wiser I realize that most things are temporary. And for sure Material items will come and go. I have learned to let go that alone has helped me to regain my peace. It is a fight, it’s not easy. Fight for your life, fight for your dreams, fight for your peace.

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