Single Mom Deborah Watkins, is from Buffalo, NY and has worn several hats over her many years of working in an interesting field. She has worked in the Prison system for over 33 years. She has been an actor in local theatre. She has been a professional dancer. She finally became a writer something that she has always dreamed of becoming. Deborah's books are about over coming challenges and discovery. In her book titled "From Mediocre to Marvelous" Deborah encourages the reader to get out of the routine of life and begin to operate in your gift and calling. In her book titled "Some will be King makers" Deborah shares her journey of raising two successful African American males as a single mother. She gives advice and principles that lead to her successful parenting. In her book titled "Special Housing Unit", her first fiction novel, Deborah tells the story of five women who work in the prison system. This book explores the heart of women who work in a tough environment. She exposes their struggles and victories. Deborah has retired from the system ending her career as a Deputy Superintendent, and now devotes her life to writing , public speaking, traveling and volunteering. Deborah has a Master's of Science degree in Organizational Leadership. "It is my desire that everyone I encounter leave feeling better about themselves and inspired to be greater."

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