From Mediocre to Marvelous
Special Housing Unit

This book captures the personal journey of the author who overcame a dysfunctional beginning in life to become an outstanding leader in her place of employment and community. 

This book reveals to single mothers the importance of building a life for themselves in order to build a life for their sons.  
Raising sons is not an easy task. However if done right it can be so rewarding. This is a call to action to single moms. The charge is what do you want to release unto society? “Killers or Kings” If you are vigilant, you too will become a King Maker.

This book is a fictional story about five brave women who work inside a prison. Their story takes you on a journey of love, lust, abandonment, revenge, redemption, and forgiveness. 

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The saga continues in Special Housing Unit 2. This book takes us on another rollercoaster ride into the lives of five brave women who work behind prison walls. 
Raheem Brownwell escapes from custody of SCI Greene Correctional facility. He has one focus; revenge on the two people he feels ruined his life. The city of Philadelphia is on edge as Detective Norman Holder and the Philadelphia police are on a manhunt for the convicted murderer. Detective Norman has personal reasons for trying to find Raheem. His wife ex-corrections officer Lisean Douglas-Holder is one of Raheem’s targets. 
Special Housing Unit 2 introduces a new character Champagne Simmons. Champagne discovers a new type of sorority, women brought together through a crisis. All of our women continue to discover the power of love, family, and friendship.

Write your own Narrative!

Adversity is seen as a misfortune, difficulty, danger, and hard times.  So how can you possibly find success in those conditions?  It has been my experience and the experience of others that during those difficult times you develop unknown strength and fortitude.   It is during those difficult times, that you have to stretch yourself or sink.  The people who manage to push past the pain are the ones who become highly successful.  My books are about those types of people.  People who say, I am going to pick myself up and dust my self off because tomorrow is another day.  -Deborah Watkins